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  • Intestinal parasites: How do worms enter the human body? How do you know if you have parasites? Prevent worm disease. Treat with natural remedies.
    4 August 2021
  • Human parasites: the route of infection, the presence of symptoms, and diagnostic options. Removal of parasites with folk remedies at home: preparation procedures, effective recipes, especially the preparation and use of funds.
    31 July 2021
  • Reproductive characteristics and habitat of parasites. The way humans are infected with worms and the most common types of parasites. Symptoms of worms and negative effects on the body.
    30 July 2021
  • How to properly clean internal parasites at home? Use brandy, soda, and triad to fight the worms in the body.
    29 July 2021
  • What are parasites and how do they enter the human body. Types of parasites and their characteristics. How do you protect yourself from parasites, prevention methods.
    28 July 2021